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Skinny BDSM Pornstar Cindy Shine dominated by her boyfriend1

She is pretty, tall and slim. And she needs it rough. She gets excited when submitting herself to tough male domination and sadistic treatment. And she loves to resist and to be overpowered. Exactly that you see in this first scene of 5.

Runaway's Punishment - MIX!

Uh. I guess, we have a little runaway! Little blondes needs strict chastisements for staying outside late. Even more if they are extra-naughty in the bushes. Touching themselved and spanking themselves with twigs on tight leather pants. Aron is searc...

24 Hand Caning Strokes for Mila

Mila has been taken to prison for stealing. Little does she know this is not just a normal prison and that inmates are subjected to corporal punishments for their crimes.  Mila is taken from her cell and brought to Warden Miss Roxy who informs her...

Katty caning 1905

Katty gets a caning at prison.

Miela breast whipping 1905

Miela gets breast whipped.

Strapping the Sassy Student - WMV 720x480

Principal Studaker wasn't a big fan of Jessie Whitcomb. She was sassy, often disrespectful, and rarely followed the dress code. The girl was regularly sent to his office, but there wasn't much he could do to discipline the young lady. The situation r...

Lola ass whipping 1805

Lola's ass whipping at prison.

Ines breast whipping 1805

Ines gets her breast whipped at prison.

Prisoner number A1111DE (Shot in 4K)

We shoot in 4k with four cameras so that the punishment is from multiple angles. Order a high quality custom film from us today. **This film reached number 1 in the caning section** The prisoner has been found guilty of causing public disorder...

Lola ass whipping 1705

Lola gets ass whipped.

Sissi anus caning 1705

Sissi's ass hole caning.

Donna strapping 1705

Donna gets a strapping.

Victoria otk spanking 1705

The nurse Victoria gets a good spanking from the doctor.

Foxy anus caning 1705

Foxy gets here ass hole caned.

Prisoner Kat (Shot in 4K)

(This is shot in 4K with four cameras, let us make the perfect high quality multi angle custom film for you) *** this film got to number 1 in caning in around 24 hours.*** Kat has been accused of vandalising her ex best friend's car after finding...

Tough Love - MP4 1920x1080

Shy Sky had been sneaking around the back of her step-dad and began dating Jessie Whitcomb. She knew darn well that she'd been forbidden from seeing Jessie, but Shy didn't care and followed her desires. Both of the girls didn't seem to worry about th...

Fitness Milf Alex Zothberg dominated in back dress3

Alex gets clamps squeezing her nipples. She has to sit on a chair, open her legs and endure painful lashes between her tighs.


Christian is drawn along by the ear by the master and brought into his room where he is ordered first to undress before he receives a vigorous and painful spanking delivered with a long leather strap on his bare ass all while languishing over the mas...

Controlled By The Cane - WMV 720x480

In "A Memorable Maintenance Spanking: The Paddle with Holes" we saw Danielle Banner take a very harsh spanking. After that painful session Danielle felt a deep sense of gratitude for all of the time and effort her disciplinarian had set aside to offe...

Lola caned on the Singapore frame (Shot in 4K)

***This clip reached number 1 in the caning section.*** Prisoner A222GT has been found guilty of theft. She has been summoned by the correctional officer for a 30 stroke caning on the Singapore frame. This is her first time on the Singapore frame....


Martin is drawn by the ear by the master and brought along into his room, where he is ordered first to undress, and then he receives a vigorous and painful spanking with a short leather strap on his ass and on the back of his thighs while over the ma...

Yasmeena otk spanking 1105

Yasmeena gets good spanked.

Donna bare back whipping 1105

Donna gets bare back whipped at prison.

Lola front body whipping 1105

Lola gets front body whipped from the Lady.

Yasmeena ass whipping 1105

Yasmeena get ass whipped.

Luca Bella caning 1005

Luca Bella gets a good caning.

Chelsy breast whipping 1005

Chelsy's breast whipping.

Lola pussy whipping 1005

Lola gets pussy whipped,

Foxy anus caning 1005

Foxy's ass hole caning at school.

ROMEO CARTER - (feet and spanking)

Romeo is a 23-year-old student and in urgent need of a good disciplinary punishment. Pulled along by the ear he is dragged along for his punishment; he will have to take the cane for this. Romeo looks scared as he undresses, soon naked and for the fi...

Donna ass whipping 0905

Donna gets a ass whipping from the Lady.

Luca Bella breast whipping 0905

Luca Bella gets a breast whipping.

Amber ass whipping 0805

In prison, Amber is welcomed with the traditional welcoming ceremony. She gets a good whipping on her bare ass.

Luca Bella pussy whipping 0805

Luca Bella gets pussy whipped.

Ines ass whipping 0705

Ines gets ass whipped.

Lauren bare back whipping 0705

Laurens bare back whipping at gym.